Patio Covers


Desert living is outdoor living. Our climate affords us lots of time in the open air but it’s not all roses. The summer months can be brutal with temperatures reaching well into the triple digits. Patio covers offer relief from the elements and a chance to highlight your personal style.

Tell us what you’re thinking—HYH Studio will bring clever design (and cooler temperatures) to your very own outdoor oasis.

Our Process

1. Free Consultation

Zoom meeting, phone call, or Facetime—tell us your preference and we’ll set up a free, 30-minute call to learn about your project.

2. Designing Your Idea

Next, we’ll put your needs and wants together into a design. These plans will guide your entire project.

3. Revisions & Sign-off

Review your plans and make edits with the HYH designers. Our comprehensive designs are easy to understand, whether you’re in the industry or not.

4. Submitting Your Plans

Need help submitting your designs? We’ve got you. We’re fluent in the language of building codes, permits, and local department requirements.

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