Swimming Pools


If you think swimming pools are pretty standard in shape and size, think again. From reimagining traditional designs to adding minor tweaks with major impact, the designers at HYH Studio will help you create the perfect shape, size, and style for your dream swimming pool.

No two homes are the same and your pool doesn’t need to be either.

Our Process

1. Free Consultation

Zoom meeting, phone call, or Facetime—tell us your preference and we’ll set up a free, 30-minute call to learn about your project.

2. Designing Your Idea

Next, we’ll put your needs and wants together into a design. These plans will guide your entire project.

3. Revisions & Sign-off

Review your plans and make edits with the HYH designers. Our comprehensive designs are easy to understand, whether you’re in the industry or not.

4. Submitting Your Plans

Need help submitting your designs? We’ve got you. We’re fluent in the language of building codes, permits, and local department requirements.

Need experts in other disciplines? We can help.

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