Introducing a New Kind of Design Studio

Introducing HYH Studio in Nevada & Arizona

We're different by design.

HYH Studio is a team of designers, drafters, and creatives on a mission to help clients level up their living space. We know the process from first thought to feasible plans can be daunting, so we specialize in not only drawing the designs but also helping you through the journey of realizing your vision.

Sometimes our services are light. Maybe you're already in love with your home but you want to perfect the backyard with a swimming pool or shade cover.

Sometimes our services are more involved. Perhaps you’re ready to build the custom home you’ve been conceptualizing for years.

No matter the size and scope of your project, we center everything on exceptional customer support. We know the process can be overwhelming and confusing if you’re not steeped in the industry like we are. That’s why we make it a point to simplify things wherever possible.

We believe home improvement projects should be exciting, not daunting. Head here to see the list of design services HYH Studio offers, including:

Why Choose HYH Studio?

  • We take your trust seriously—we want to earn it and keep it.
  • We know desert architecture—from aesthetics to functionality; we live in it, we understand it.
  • Client support—expect 1:1 assistance and support like no other.
  • Quality of work—we set a higher standard in architectural design.
  • Competitive pricing—get exceptional service, not astronomical fees.

Other Ways HYH Studio Can Help

  • We can provide a full set of plans—structural, MEP, etc.
  • We will submit your plans to local jurisdiction.
  • We have connections with trusted contractors and pros in other disciplines.

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